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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Almost Done

Sigh. Med 3 that is.

This semester has been quite a roller coaster. It literally IS the hump of the ride. It's in the middle, so far the most challenging and filled with the most drama, but thankfully, it is almost over.

On Tuesday I have the NBME shelf exam for Neuroscience and Wednesday I have a small quiz also for Neuroscience- this quiz is generally for those who need a last chance to bring them to a passing mark or those who have a 79 or 89 to make it to 80 or 90, respectively.

I am soooooo tired of studying and this 1 month break from school will be so worth it. I really need the time to regroup. You always want to stay focused because you know what your goal is and you know what you need to do to get there, but the stresses of Basic Sciences are quite something.

What sucks more is that you are away from familiar surroundings and people and because we've all just met each other here, makes it even harder. Each day you learn more and more about the people you spend time with and it isn't always positive things, but it seems like you just have to suck it up because you're here alone.

It's hard to be picky when you don't have much choice.

Anyway, I plan to make the most of my time this holiday break. I am planning to study 2 hours each day or at least 1 hour and these will consist mainly of Kaplan videos. I want to start reviewing what we've learned since January of this year just to keep it fresh in my mind. I also want to be able to preview some of the material for Med 4-- Pharmacology and Pathology I. We also have Physical Diagnosis (PD) but I'm not so much worried about that.

I'll be spending some of my holiday in Nigeria and hopefully volunteering at one of the most known general hospitals. I want to use this as a learning opportunity. I know I'll be able to see cases that won't necessarily show up in North America but have had to learn so I am super excited for that.

I'll also be spending a day or two with a plastic surgeon!!!! She does mostly reconstructive breast surgery and facial surgeries and I am so so so thankful to have this opportunity.

Anyways, guys, I gotta get back to studying for Neuro.

Until next time,


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