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Sunday, January 8, 2012

One Week Down

....14 weeks to go.

In Med 1 anyway. The first week was quite enlightening. There is so much information, that thinking about it only has me looking like this o_O

Conceptually, the material is not difficult. It is understandable and actually very interesting. However, there is so much! Undergrad courses never went into this much detail! 

I think I've studied more these past five days than I have in a WHOLE semester in undergrad. I'm enjoying it though so that's good and hopefully that'll keep me going. 

I have a schedule for my Mondays to Fridays.

Sleep from 10pm-5am
Shower and breakfast from 5am-6am
Review today's lecture from 6am-7am
Travel to school from 7am-8am
Classes from 8am-3:30pm
Travel home and eat from 3:30pm-5pm
Study today's lectures from 5pm-9pm
Play online from 9pm-10pm

So far, it's worked for the first week and it is keeping me on top of my lectures. I've sort of conquered the brachial plexus, which is what was supposed to be difficult for everyone. I can now map it and remember what nerves come out of each root, trunk and cord. I'm now working on mastering exactly which muscles they each innervate.

Anyway, I just came here for a quick update on my journey.

Until next time,


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Screaming Nocturnal Donkeys

Right now, I'm half way through my second day of classes.

Two days ago was orientation where we took a tour of the school with a few mentors and asked for tips and tricks on how to do well in this program. We met the dean, some professors and also other staff that we can go to for resources as the semesters go by. We also got free lunch (never going to happen again).

Yesterday was the first day of class. I woke up bright and early, super excited to get started. I had been waiting for the day for a long time. I got to class early so I was able to pick a seat that was great for me. Second row centre. I've never been a first row person because I always want the professor to be able to see me and on the first row, there's a chance of being missed by the professor because s/he is trying to make eye contact with the majority of the class that's behind you. In the second row, I'm sitting close enough to be seen and "far" enough not to be missed.

This semester I have: Embryology, Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), Histology and Anatomy. I have Histology and Anatomy every single day (M-F) and Embryology (M, W, F) and EMB (Tu, Th).

Our first classed was canceled and instead the professor gave us some more tips and tricks for surviving and being successful in medical school. The class was canceled because there might be a curriculum change. They are considering combining EBM with Epidemiology (which is normally offered in Med 2) and creating one new class. This change will mean they can spread Physical Diagnosis throughout the 5 semesters here on this island instead of just making it one class for Med 4. We'll know by tomorrow if this change has been approved. I really hope it is. I think EBM and Epidemiology are related and can be combined and I'd also like to do some physical diagnosis now.

Histology was okay, a bit boring though. We talked mostly about different types of microscopes needed in the study of cells. Today's class was a lot faster paced. Still boring though. There are many little details that we need to learn. I have a feeling this will be the class I'll have to work a bit more on.

Anatomy wasn't too bad. Yesterday’s lecture was mainly terminology and today’s lecture is happening in 2 hours but my review of it wasn’t so bad. It was anatomy of the shoulder and all the bones and muscles I have already learned about. This time around, I just have to really learn it and apply it well. The nerves and arteries are new to me, but they don’t seem too bad.
Bottom line? So far, so good…but it is still just day 2 ha ha.

Referring back to my title, apparently the donkeys on this island are nocturnal, meaning they are asleep when we are awake (daytime) and they are awake when we are asleep (night time) and during this time, they scream! Yes, I am on Nevis.

Until next time,

BoomStarz, MD