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Sunday, January 8, 2012

One Week Down

....14 weeks to go.

In Med 1 anyway. The first week was quite enlightening. There is so much information, that thinking about it only has me looking like this o_O

Conceptually, the material is not difficult. It is understandable and actually very interesting. However, there is so much! Undergrad courses never went into this much detail! 

I think I've studied more these past five days than I have in a WHOLE semester in undergrad. I'm enjoying it though so that's good and hopefully that'll keep me going. 

I have a schedule for my Mondays to Fridays.

Sleep from 10pm-5am
Shower and breakfast from 5am-6am
Review today's lecture from 6am-7am
Travel to school from 7am-8am
Classes from 8am-3:30pm
Travel home and eat from 3:30pm-5pm
Study today's lectures from 5pm-9pm
Play online from 9pm-10pm

So far, it's worked for the first week and it is keeping me on top of my lectures. I've sort of conquered the brachial plexus, which is what was supposed to be difficult for everyone. I can now map it and remember what nerves come out of each root, trunk and cord. I'm now working on mastering exactly which muscles they each innervate.

Anyway, I just came here for a quick update on my journey.

Until next time,


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