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Monday, December 26, 2011

Greetings From Nevis

So I'm finally here. Got here December 23rd. Took a 4 hour flight from Toronto to St. Kitts and hopped on a 45 min ferry to get to Nevis. The Air Canada flight I took was the first direct flight from Canada to come to St. Kitts so we were met by dancers and drumming and small packaged treats. It made me feel real special.

My apartment is nice. Bigger than I expected which is always a good thing. At the front I'm looking at the sea and at the back I'm looking at what I believe is Mount Nevis. It is soooo quiet here especially since its the holidays. Most people are spending time with their families. This is a great atmosphere for studying but I'm not sure how much fun one can have here.

Guys, Internet is soooo necessary. My landlord doesn't know much about it and was of no help. I figured out myself that the place had Internet and it wasn't till Christmas afternoon that I set it up and the evening that I set up the WiFi. Again, Internet is so necessary. I felt lost and alone and disconnected. How does one cope without Internet? Am I addicted? Maybe. But it's an addiction I'm willing to live with!

So I think there are only a couple other new students here right now. The rest will be joining us in the next few days. It'll be nice to get to know some faces before class starts. Orientation is on January 2nd and classes begin on the 3rd for everyone. I'm still excited and I still can't wait to start.

Until next time,


Friday, December 16, 2011

7 days

Sorry for not posting for a while. When I make a post, I always want it to have some sort of meaning and I haven't had any ideas for posts since.

Anyway, as the title suggests, I have just 7 days left in Toronto. In 7 days, I leave for Nevis to start my journey.

I am super nervous but definitely ready to get this thing started. I know and understand that I'm going to be facing a lot of work but for whatever reason, I am craving that right now.

For those who don't know, I'll be on the island for a total of 20 months doing basic sciences and after that I'll travel to the states to do clinicals for two years.

In the 20 months on the island, I will have spent 5 semesters learning the theoretical bulk of information necessary for medicine. Each semester is 4 months and there is about a 2 week break at the end. Hopefully those two weeks will be enough to wind down and relax from the previous semester. We are going to be having exams (blocks) every three weeks so there is really no time to slack off. You always have to be on your A-game. I'm looking forward to this method because I think it can be really helpful. Exams may be annoying but it'll mean you're forcing yourself to study.

In my last week here, I'm running around getting some last things I need, saying goodbye to friends, and anticipating a promising future.

I'll hopefully be updating my blog once a week while I'm there. I won't know what my exact posting schedule will be till I start but I'll do my best to update.

I'm hoping this blog will be an outlet for me and also a way to track my journey so in the future when I want to remember something, I will hopefully have documented the event here.

Anyway guys, unless something incredible (more than normal) happens before I leave, I probably won't update this blog till I'm on the island.

Until next time,

BoomStarz, MD