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Monday, April 23, 2012

T + 1 week

Hello blogosphere.

Yes I have been gone for far too long. It's hard to stay motivated to keep writing if there aren't an appropriate amount of written responses. But I guess I should keep in mind that my primary reason for starting this blog isn't for comments but more as a way for me to keep track of this journey.

I am currently 1 week post first semester. Med 1 was great. I studied well and it proved worthwhile. I also learned a lot and I am absolutely looking forward to the second semester. This time we'll be taking Biochemistry, Physiology, Genetics and Epidemiology.

I hope the semester goes just as well or even better for me.

I will try to make at least one blog post per block- as a summary for each block. I hope I can do it.

BoomStarz MD


  1. Seriously great blog! It's interesting as a reader to see someone else's progress as time goes by. As the writer of your blog it's probably more fulfilling as you begin to see how your thought process develops. You raised an important point about your motivation to write. Like you said it is vital to remember the reason you started the blog in the first place; it was because you wanted to express yourself and document your life as a medical student. If you didn't have followers in the first place, you'd still be writing your blog. So take your time and write when you feel like. Don't feel guilty because you haven't done it in so long, it's YOUR blog after all. Good luck with medical school and keep doing you!

  2. Thanks for the comment. You motivated me to update and I will do my best to update more frequently.

    I think it actually helps to have something like this, because I know I have to do something so I can write about it.


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